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A local garage in Brighton & Hove which offers car servicing, MOT, Full Remapping Including EGR Deletes, DPF Deletes and Vehicle Locksmiths Services.

Finding a good garage to service or repair your vehicle in Brighton & Hove should be easy. Many Garages are offering a great deal. 

Some people may say too good to be true. However, the problem is not finding a car service and repair in Brighton & Hove that’s just offering a promotion to hook you as a customer.

The goal is to find a garage with expert staff, friendly service at a reasonable price. Also, a car service that’s not going to cost dearly after a week.

You might be wondering what I mean…let me give you an example. I used a voucher through Groupon, as the price was unbelievable. The cost for a full service was only £49.00 a bargain.

I was pleased I only paid £49.00 for a car service in Brighton and Hove. However, my perfect car was never the same again. I was spending more time at that particular garage that serviced my car than some of my family or friends.

I paid over £500.00 to resolve a loss of power issue. Unfortunately, the problem wasn’t resolved and the garage wanted further£1500.00. I was fed up with having no car and paying for the wrong diagnostic constantly. 

Fortunately, a friend recommended a local garage in Brighton & Hove which offers car servicing, MOT, Full Remapping Including EGR Deletes and DPF Deletes as well. 

. They resolved the issue in half an hour and only costing £30.00. The original garage that charged me a fortune installed a valve which needed resetting instead they asked for further £1500!

The moral of this story is if you’re looking for car service in Hove. The only garage that will offer car service in Hove at competitive prices without unnecessary repair cost is Bayley Vehicle Locksmith and Car Repair.

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